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Inspiration is ubiquitous — from everything you see and intend to do to the endless road you take on your expedition while making your travel plans. You just need to open your eyes and breathe it in.

Every designer has a different story to tell about what inspired them to bring together their unique designs; we spoke to the celebrated designer, Mr. Raja Gondkar to get an insight on what inspired him to get his creative juices flowing.

Mr. Raja Gondkar – Education Head at GSI – Celebrated Designer in Industry with a creative career spanning over 30 years in jewelry design, product design, advertising graphics, paper art and craft, fine
arts and poetry.

Although the source of my creativity is fueled by many things such as nature, travel, personal transformation, neighboring, works of other fellow designers and all things that I innately identify, however, I would like to take you back to the time where it all started from.

I had enrolled in for a design competition and its submission was nearly approaching. I was totally blank and had no clue about the design I’ll bring to the paper.

Whilst, of having tea at the stall, I looked around and saw a few broken stools and a plastic table… suddenly, I noticed water splashed from an overflowing jug and it was moving towards me.

I tried to engage in recreation with the moving water by shaping the water through my finger diverting it away. Sooner than I knew, I started playing with it -doodling…moving my finger, circling and directing the flow. This was the moment I got an idea of what; I’ll scribble on to paper.

Since it was water the line was fluid – it followed the direction of scheming finger and yet it took an alleyway…This was Flash, a visual clue, an inspiration; I started with an idea and actual designing was now merely a problem-solving. Now, it was all about getting my idea to life.

Expressing fluidity and changing flow… changing design was the answer. Till date, I don’t have a clue before I start sketching what I will create. I begin and this mystery is exactly what creates the excitement and curiosity I need to stay inspired to.  I rely on my intuition and the concept of “working with what’s working” to keep momentum as my designs emerge naturally on their own time.

Coming back to my assignment, I created a simple rotating joint; using the pinning-studs concept – It basically required a short pin and compact backside.

Ms. Barbara Schmidt, a designer from München, Germany was of great help. During that time she was already working on a project in India. She sent me a catalogue that was suitable for the pinning concept findings.

While working on it I changed courses many times along the way, knowing each and every choice will be an important part of the finished product. By letting go of desired outcomes, I open myself to a world where anything is possible and there are no mistakes–a great place to find inspiration!

My inspirational design turned out to be a brooch which could be worn in four different ways and when it opened from inside it would extend to full-length neckwear.

My hard work and the inspiration eventually lead to a design that was well paid. That year two of my designs were awarded of the three entries I participated in.

Who knew that the flowing water on the table could transform the murkiest muddle of my thoughts into something so elegantly so precise

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Debbie Azar
Co-founder & President at | +12122074140 | Website | + posts

Debbie Azar is an experienced executive with extensive knowledge of the jewelry and gem lab industries. Her entrepreneurial skills and clarity of vision have helped GSI achieve rapid and continuous growth worldwide.

She began her industry career by starting her own successful costume jewelry business. She then expanded her knowledge of the industry with sales, marketing and business development roles at several companies. In 2005, she joined Mark Gershburg to establish GSI. Ms. Azar is an active member of myriad industry organizations and charities; she currently serves as a Board Member of Jewelers for Children. She is also a Forbes Business Council member.

Her strengths include working directly with retail chains and stores to help build their business and brands. She is widely known in the industry for her commitment to meeting customer needs.

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GSI issues a variety of grading and identification reports. Consumers and industry professionals often call these reports “GSI Certificates”.

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