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GSI is a leading gemological lab offering a variety of gemological services worldwide. From basic grading service to the most sophisticated testing and examination using advanced instruments, GSI does it all. Every diamond is unique and differs in quality, shapes, and sizes. A diamond, natural or lab grown, is assessed for its quality based on a combination of many factors.

GSI, with its proven industry expertise and ethical integrity, provides objective, consistent, and standardized grading services across all global branches. Every diamond is evaluated by following widely accepted parameters and procedures. GSI’s grading service includes a comprehensive analysis of your diamond including an evaluation of your diamond’s 4C’s – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight, along with other essential analysis. GSI also maps the clarity characteristics of your diamond in its plotting reports. GSI provides an unmatched and accurate grading service so that every diamond and jewelry is accompanied by reliable documentation. To know more about our grading reports, click here.



GSI provides services of sorting melee and, star melee sized loose diamonds, received in bulk and batches. Sorting melee or star melee sized diamonds require years of experience and expertise. GSI, with its proven industry expertise, provides reliable and precise diamond sorting and grading services. GSI assesses the quality of diamonds received in bulks or batches and categorizes using globally accepted standards and procedures.

Diamond sorting services of melee and star melee sized diamonds are based on various criteria depending on the program or services opted by the client like color, clarity, cut, and, size. GSI is uniquely equipped to address continually emerging and accelerating industry challenges. GSI identifies if any undisclosed lab grown diamonds or simulants are mixed into parcels. GSI services are accurate and backed by ethical practices.



GSI’s light analysis uses the most advanced and innovative instruments which were designed and built for the specific purpose of analyzing and measuring diamonds related properties. The instrument based on extensive research of light behavior in diamonds. Using solid state LED light sources and a high-resolution stationary camera, the machine captures the essence of each diamond’s light performance in sharp scanned photos. Consistent, repeatable results are produced by solid state LED light sources and distortion-free tele centric lenses.

GSI’s Photospex report is issued based on your diamonds interaction with light, which includes factors like Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation, as well as contrast effect and efficiency.



GSI offers a variety of high-quality gemological services that range from a comprehensive diamond analysis to selected services like laser inscription that adds on to the security of your diamond. Loose diamonds certified at GSI laboratory have GSI report number microscopically laser-inscribed on its girdle. The GSI report number is unique and acts as a vital element for identification.

The GSI number inscribed on the girdle helps you in checking the authenticity of your diamond. It also helps in identification and verification by matching your diamond to its report. You can generate a digital copy of your report in case of misplacement with the help of the inscribed report number. Depending on client requirements, GSI also inscribes according to brand requirements like logo, retail name, or symbols.

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GSI offers 360° video imaging of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry as part of its E-Reports and online experience.  A 360° video in HD is the closest online experience you can have to seeing a diamond in real life. It’s a new way to showcase the diamond and capture all parts of the diamond thoroughly and precisely and bring it to life as opposed to static images.

360° VIDEO

GSI believes in uncompromising accuracy, integrity, and reliability in its services. GSI uses cutting edge technology and expert staff to offer sophisticated testing and identification services. Since its inception, GSI’s priority has been to ensure delivery of the highest quality products and services and to achieve 100% industry and consumer confidence. With this priority in mind, GSI became the first gem lab to implement leading edge technology to test all loose diamonds and gemstone for their origin. GSI has pioneered important breakthroughs through research in identifying manmade and treated diamonds.


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