Inventory Integrity

GSI Diamond Certification-usa

With the rapid expansion and demand for laboratory grown diamonds, the diamond industry had to create a process to maintain the integrity of the supply chain. In order to maintain a clear separation between lab grown and natural diamonds leading industry organizations such as the RJC, JVC and DPA have set up programs to help retailers. However, with the advancement of lab grown diamond technology, it’s become impossible for retailers to identify and separate on their own.

Retailers turned to GSI for a solution since GSI is a leading gemological organization that is heavily involved in research and education. GSI grades and identifies millions of diamonds and jewelry items each year and are experts in the identification of laboratory grown diamonds. As a result, GSI created its Inventory Integrity Initiative campaign to help retailers address the issue.

The identification of laboratory grown diamonds requires advanced and sophisticated equipment as well as trained experts and a vigorous process.  GSI is the only major gemological organization to offer these services globally.

In the video below, GSI will give you a look inside its state-of-the-art laboratory and show you how diamonds are tested for their growth origin – demonstrating a proven and scalable process to identify and separate natural diamonds from laboratory grown diamonds in jewelry.

In order for retailers to receive GSI’s Inventory Integrity mark, they must adhere to certain requirements. These requirements may include the following- GSI testing their existing diamond inventory and/ or GSI testing incoming diamond inventory.  Participation in GSI’s Inventory Integrity Initiative helps maintain a separation of laboratory grown and natural diamonds. Once a retailer receives GSI’s Inventory Integrity seal it means they have taken necessary steps to ensure the integrity of their supply chain and inventory.

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