The Four Pillars

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The Four Pillars of GSI’s philosophy are:

Integrity, Innovation, Professional Service, and Research & Education.


At the core of GSI’s business is a commitment to excellence and integrity throughout everything we do and everywhere we operate. As the only major gemological enterprise to be established in the 21st century, GSI has evolved into one of the largest entities in the world, with offices that span four continents.

Ethical and honest behavior is the hallmark of our organization and is practiced each day on all levels. GSI is committed to doing business the right way, to operating openly, honestly, and transparently, fostering a culture that has helped us earn the trust placed in our company by our customers. Beyond this, we look towards the future and a cooperative gemological world in which all of its participants may benefit.

The concept of integrity implies a wholeness, a comprehensive corpus of beliefs, often referred to as a worldview. It emphasizes honesty and authenticity, requiring that we act at all times in accordance with the individual’s chosen worldview to maximize the overall experience. At GSI, our worldview is your worldview, and we are here to provide solutions and education in a way that honors your commitment and support.

GSI’s standards are based on accuracy and yield consistent gemological grading outcomes in all global offices. While local customs and languages may differ, workflow processes, quality control checks, and customer service meet the same standards worldwide. GSI firmly believes that strong leadership and a solid management structure ideally positions the company to maintain consistency and integrity in its grading and gemological services. The quality of every gemstone examined by GSI is documented in a sophisticated internal system, and is upheld wherever a grading report is printed or presented. The use of video, mobile, applications and other tools allows for real-time adjustments and simultaneous fine-tuning of all global grading operations.


GSI is at the forefront of innovation with ideas and processes that help our customers stand out from the competition. We are never complacent and are always searching for new products and services to benefit our customers. We are continuously working on improving, even looking outside our industry for new innovations. We go beyond looking back on our decades of success as a leader in the jewelry industry and continue to look forward in order to make the right decisions to benefit our partners.

From day one, GSI’s priority has been to ensure delivery of the highest quality products and services and to achieve a level of 100% accuracy within the gemological industry as well as fostering consumer confidence. With this in mind, GSI became the first gem lab to implement leading edge technologies to test all loose diamonds and gemstones to confirm their origin. Because GSI takes transparency so seriously, we have numerous instruments in place that allow customers to virtually “peek” inside the laboratory.

GSI believes in integrity-based forecasting to ensure all of our partners are positioned correctly today and into the future. We invest in our human capital and try to innovate from within in order to achieve exceptional results as a brand. By doing so, we are paving the future for a fair and equitable jewelry market.

Professional Service

GSI is dedicated to delivering uncompromising accuracy, reliability, consistency, and accountability to all of our clients around the world. Our mission is to deliver on-point professional services while managing a reputation as an industry leader in all aspects of the jewelry industry. We take pride in developing our staff first and foremost, which supports our heritage and scope of industry knowledge. From this vantage point, we are able to consistently deliver a level of professional service that is unmatched in today’s marketplace. By sustaining ourselves as a leader in the gemological industry, we have managed to provide a consistent and meaningful message in everything we do. Delivering an exceptional product and utilizing a “professional service” mantra has enabled us to look towards the future with great pride.

Combining professional objectivity and expertise, GSI ensures the integrity and accuracy of every report it issues. GSI tests all gemological materials submitted to determine whether they are natural or synthetic, and discloses any treatments discovered during our examination.

GSI’s diamond grading reports, and colored stone grading reports vary in the amount of information provided, formats, sizes, and layouts. All GSI grading reports (often called “GSI Certificates”) are available online in PDF format. These are backed by GSI’s commitment to the highest ethical standards. They are the product of our hard work and dedication, and we proudly stand behind our reports.

Since its founding in New York City in 2005, GSI has continued to provide trusted gemstone identification and grading services as well as gemological research, and a variety of educational programs designed to prepare the next generation of professionals. From the mine to the showcase, GSI works with leading gem and jewelry companies across the globe to stay one step ahead of a rapidly evolving industry.

GSI established its Research Center in order to remain at the forefront of important developments in the worldwide gem and diamond industries. GSI openly shares research findings with others in the trade. The Research Center works closely with leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment to integrate GSI’s knowledge of gem laboratory requirements with manufacturers’ expertise in hardware, software, magnification, optics, lighting, and other fields. Through its efforts, GSI has pioneered important breakthroughs in identifying man-made and treated diamonds.

GSI’s Research and Education department works to develop and improve new and existing services, products, methods, facilities, and processes. The Research and Education department aids in addressing issues in different fields related to GSI’s services. Having this center allows GSI to face current and imminent challenges and create new methods and tools to properly overcome them. The department works closely with leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment to incorporate knowledge of gem laboratory requirements with their expertise in hardware and software.

GSI firmly believes that trade and consumer education is critical to the long-term success of the diamond and jewelry industry. It also uses industry connections to promote communication and education programs for both the trade and consumers.

The Knowledge Center offers a variety of educational initiatives for both the trade and general public. In fact, it can be considered a one-stop destination for a gemological education, and a source for numerous educational programs for related industries. Its curriculum focuses on industry-specific technical training at all levels.

GSI’s Knowledge Center and its courses can be considered a one-stop destination to a quality gemological education for all levels of the diamond, gemstone, and jewelry trade. GSI believes that informed and properly trained employees are the key to increasing the quality of services, ultimately helping both individuals and trade entities to realize their full potential.

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