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GSI Offers First “Combined” Grading and GemEx Light Performance Analysis Report

“Utopia,” Says One GemEx User About the Innovative Joint Report Gemological Science International (GSI) and GemEx have introduced a combined report that offers the classic 4Cs, plus other physical features of the diamond, along with the resultant benefits of those...

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GSI Offers Digital Plotting

High-Tech Solution Brings Greater Report Accessibility, Accuracy and Security Gemological Science International (GSI) announced today that it has added digital plotting to its list of proprietary, high-tech software applications for diamond grading. Digital plotting not only reduces paperwork and streamlines...

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Customized Grading Reports – A Growing Trend and Niche Business For GSI

Customized Grading Reports – A Growing Trend and Niche Business For GSI

Gemological Science International, which focuses on the bread and butter grading needs of major retailers, is providing a growing number of its clients with customized grading reports to be used as selling tools for their branded jewelry collections. "They add value and...

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GSI Opens Lab in India Offering More Options to Clients

Gemological Science International, headquartered in New York’s Diamond District, announced today that it has opened an office in Mumbai, India. The lab is fully owned by GSI and is located in the Opera House area. “We’ve been working in Mumbai for...

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Where is Gemological Science International (GSI) located?

GSI is headquartered in New York, NY. It has 13 laboratories on four continents and in a number of countries: the United States, India, Dubai, Israel, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Botswana. This makes GSI one of the largest independent gemological organizations in the world.

Is there a difference between grading reports issued by different GSI laboratories?

All GSI laboratories grade using the same methods and adhere to the same standards. Every laboratory is staffed with highly trained professionals who have years of grading experience and an extensive gemological background.

What does it mean when a sales associate tells me my diamond is “GSI Certified” or is accompanied by a “GSI Certificate”?

The phrases “GSI Certificate” and “GSI Certified” are industry shorthand for GSI grading or identification reports. What this means to you is that expert gemologists and trained professionals meticulously evaluated the item. When your diamond, jewelry or gemstone is accompanied by a GSI grading report, you can be completely confident in the accuracy and objectivity of the evaluation.

Where can I find “GSI Certified Diamonds”?

GSI diamond grading and identification reports can be found in jewelry stores worldwide and online. Insist on a GSI grading report when shopping for a diamond, jewelry or gemstone.

What do I do if I lose my GSI Diamond Report?

Every GSI grading report is available on our website. Please visit and go to “verify your report”. Enter your GSI report number and you’ll instantly have access to a digital copy of it. You can also email us through the website to request a copy.

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