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For your convenience, we have our certificate tracking system online!

Innovation and Service are two important GSI cornerstones that provide its retail and supplier customers with on-demand information about the status of their orders.

GSI management applied its 30+ years of lab experience to create software that enables its customers to easily track online their work orders in a variety of different ways:

  • By SKU number assigned by customer.
  • By Memo Number assigned by customer.
  • By Order Number assigned by GSI.
  • By Batch Number assigned by GSI.

Customers can determine 24/7 the exact location of their item in the lab. In addition, they can access information about items that have been dispatched from GSI in the previous four weeks.

This unique and user-friendly tracking system eliminates any uncertainty about where an item is and when and how it has been dispatched.

GSI delivers within 5 business working days.


Step 1: Click on “Track Your Order” and log in with your user name and password. Contact GSI if you have not registered for this customer benefit.

Step 2: You will see the list of memo numbers, SKU numbers and order numbers for items that you currently have in the lab or items that have been dispatched back to you within the last 4 weeks.

Step 3: By clicking on a memo number or a SKU number, or an order number you will see all the batches that have this memo, SKU, or order number respectively.

Step 4: By clicking on a batch number you will see the current stage where the batch is at, batch number, SKU, item picture (on file), and the history of all the batch movements through the lab. You will also see the batch contents, including lot numbers, if they were provided.

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