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GSI’S Human rights our commitment to a safe and respectful workplace includes respecting the human rights of others and extends to our employees, our suppliers, and so on through the supply chain. For GSI respecting human rights means, among other things maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, observing fair employment practices, and providing competitive employment terms. This is why it is important to read and comply with all health, safety, and employment policies applicable to your job.

In our Business Operations We expect all GSI employees and representatives to act lawfully and respectfully toward other employees, customer, business partners, and those in the local communities in which we operate. These expectations are outlined in our Code as well as various enterprise-wide policies. We ensure the protection of GSI employee rights through policies and procedures established by the Human Resources, Health & Safety, and Legal Department function.

Throughout our Supply Chain We expect our business partners, to share our commitment to respect human rights. All suppliers must comply with our Code, which specifically outlines our expectations related to human rights. Suppliers must also comply with our standard contract provisions, which require strict adherence to all applicable laws, including human right laws. Further, we have established a comprehensive due diligence process designed to assess, among other things, our suppliers’ commitment to human rights issues and require them to certify that there are no adverse human rights impacts directly or indirectly cause by their business activities of which they are aware.

General Rights and Obligations Child Labor GSI support, follow, and comply with child labor laws across all business operations. Because much of GSI’s work is conducted in a safety-sensitive environment, all full-time employees must be at least 18 years of age or older pursuant to our Employee Hiring Process Policy. GSI ensures compliance with its expectations throughout its supply chain by contractually requiring all suppliers to strictly comply with all applicable child labor laws. Our approach is consistent with the ILO labor standards outlines in ILO Convention Nos. 138 and 182.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining -GSI recognizes the right to organize and the right of unions to represent and negotiate on behalf of workers. GSI respects the rights of all workers to form and join unions of their own choice and to bargain collectively.

Forced Labor and Human Trafficking GSI does not tolerate modern slavery, forced labor, and bonded labor or human trafficking in any form. We strictly prohibit our employees, suppliers and other business partners from engaging in human trafficking-related activities.

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